• Image of Comic + CD bundle (AUTOGRAPHED)
  • Image of Comic + CD bundle (AUTOGRAPHED)
  • Image of Comic + CD bundle (AUTOGRAPHED)
  • Image of Comic + CD bundle (AUTOGRAPHED)
  • Image of Comic + CD bundle (AUTOGRAPHED)

You asked for this... So we have finally created a bundle with our original comic book (Legend fo the Shaders) along with our original album (ICEBORN)! This is the perfect "read while you listen" pairing because our original music connects with the world we created for our comic book! 🐉🐉❄️❄️

Both the comic book and the CD will be personally AUTOGRAPHED by us!

Legend of the Shaders is a beautifully illustrated, full-color, 24-page comic about Nordic identical twin sisters, and their enigmatic cat Grayling, who discover that their harp-bard life is not as simple as they thought it was… and that the Shader creatures of legend might not be myth after all.

ICEBORN is the first all original album by Camille and Kennerly (Harp Twins). This highly anticipated album includes 12 stunning original songs. Iceborn is a Nordic Fantasy adventure inspired by the twins' Scandinavian (Norwegian) heritage.

In a world of over-produced and computer-generated music, Camille and Kennerly's exquisite harps and ethereal voices will be a breath of fresh northern air for you and your loved ones. Iceborn will take you on a magical Nordic fantasy adventure that you will want to re-visit again and again.

Track Listing:
1. North
2. Light Elves
3. Dark Elves
4. Norsk Jul
5. Legend of the Shaders
6. Death Waltz
7. Beneath the Midnight Sun
8. Nordic Solstice
9. Naughty Nisse
10. The Twins and the Trolls
11. Never Summer Lands
12. Iceborn

All sales final. However, please message us directly through BigCartel if you have ANY problems and we will try to resolve everything for you!